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Traffic & Safety Barriers

At Pink Precast, we offer concrete traffic safety products for many different applications, including highways, parking lots, and low speed areas. All of our traffic and safety barrier products at Pink Precast meet National Precast Concrete Association standards. Customers can be assured that our traffic and safety barriers are of premium quality and prepared by experienced operators.

Traffic Barrier Types

Precast Concrete JJ Hook Median Barriers Separating 4 Lane Highway

JJ Hook Median Barriers

We are a licensed manufacturer of precast JJ Hook median barriers. Barriers are cast with a New Jersey profile and meet NCHRP-350, Level 3, crash test standards. JJ Hook barriers offer significant benefits over standard hardware connections. Concrete barriers have connection hooks embedded in the concrete and don’t require any additional loose hardware. Installing JJ-Hook barriers is simple as they are self-aligning and connect directly into the previous barrier’s hook. Barriers are available in 4-meter or 6-meter lengths and have a smooth form finish.

Precast Concrete Traffic Barrier In Parking Lot

Forest City Concrete Barriers

Forest City barriers are a scaled down version of the median safety barrier for use in parking lots, low speed roadways, and building protection. The two-foot high Forest City barriers are available in any length from two to ten feet long. Their 90-degree corner allow these precast concrete barriers to easily fit together, and they can be used in any application where low speed traffic needs to be constrained.

Yellow Precast Concrete Safety Bollards Surrounding Hydro Box

Concrete Safety Bollards

Concrete safety bollards and parking bumpers are poured in polyurethane exterior and are available in a range of colors, including yellow, blue, green, and red to designate specialty parking or fire lane areas. The polyurethane shell resists fading, requires no maintenance, and resists cracking from freezing and thawing cycles. This provides maximum durability, product life, and a polished look suitable for use in upscale environments. Bollards are typically 7.5’ tall, allowing for ample length to be set in concrete and buried for maximum stability.

Building Applications


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