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Precast Concrete Stairs

Precast Concrete Stairs In Sports Stadium

Precast Concrete Stairs Specialists

At Pink Precast, we specialize in the fabrication of precast concrete stairs for a variety of applications and building types. Precast stairs offer several advantages over other construction methods. Since stairs are cast at our facility using existing molds, they are very economical and our quality is always consistent. Precast stairs have a smooth form finish and can be cast with integrated non-slip tread as requested. The smooth finish left by our steel forms provides a superior feel and aesthetic over a trowel finish.

Three Sets Of Precast Concrete Stairs In Building Under Construction

Stair Design To Suit Any Project

Precast stairs are available in half flight or full flight, with top, bottom, or both stair landings attached. We can assist customers in any part of the stair design process as needed. Some customers submit complete prints ready to cast, while others provide us with their floor to ceiling measurements, and we provide stamped drawings for the project. Concrete steps are delivered to the jobsite when they are needed and are ready to install on arrival, eliminating the need to build temporary steps.


We Are Npca-certified

The NPCA audits and certifies only precast concrete facilities that operate using the most stringent quality management standards. NPCA requirements encompass and surpass all ASTM, CSA, and PCI quality standards. Our stairs are made of self-consolidating concrete and are typically completed within 3–4 weeks after final drawing approval.

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